Every friggin’ dead thing is “CHUPACABRA”!

Who decided that a chupacabra is anything you want to gain attention for and think is hideous? This photo uploaded to a local news site was called a chupa and is getting lots of attention. I have no idea why.

Viewer uploads ‘chupacabra’ photo.

A viewer named Ramona uploaded a photo she headlined “Chupacabras do exist!” She claimed it happened in Walnut Cove.


A chupacabra has been MYSTERY SOLVED since 2011 when Tracking the Chupacabra by Benjamin Radford was published.

Radford’s search for the first eyewitness report of the chupacabra leads him to interview Madelyne Tolentino of Canovanas, Puerto Rico. She had the first descriptive account of the creature shortly after an epidemic of animal predation reports. Tolentino’s account bore a resemblance to the character Sil in the 1995 movie Species, a resemblance confirmed by Tolentino, who was interviewed by Radford. In the interview, Tolentino stated that she had seen the film Species prior to her sighting of the creature, and that she believed that an experiment had been conducted in Puerto Rico and had escaped, similar to the events depicted in the movie. According to Radford, Tolentino “believed that the creatures and events she saw in Species were actually happening in reality at the time in Puerto Rico,” causing Radford to conclude that the movie Species may have provided the influence for the first reported chupacabra sighting in 1995.[1]:136 According to Radford, “You can make a direct connection between the film hitting theaters, her seeing the creature in the film, seeing it in the street, making the report and entering the public consciousness.”

Just go buy this book already – it’s fab.

Descriptions of the chupacabra fall into three groups – the red-eyed alien creature that was spawned by the movie scene and propelled by the Puerto Rican media, any hairless, canid-type creature that looks strange and may have deformed dentition and the catch-all of anything else people can’t readily identify. This North Carolina beast is of the second type but does not even have a severe case of mange. There is little detail in this story so we don’t even know why it was shot and displayed in this way.

Stop it. Stop ruining the great and monstrous idea of an evil alien-type goatsucker by calling every weird dead thing ‘chupacabra’. It’s careless and ridiculous.

Now THAT's a chupa!

Now THAT’s a chupa!

  3 comments for “Every friggin’ dead thing is “CHUPACABRA”!

  1. Kitty Lapin Agile
    July 28, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    DNA anyone? I wonder how much influence the “instant age” of the internet has on this. You can put up a youtube or post a photograph, and if you put “chupacabra”, “ghost” or “Bigfoot” in the title people will click. Even my very few debunking videos get hugs hits if I have “ghost” or “Bigfoot” in the title. I think of Warhol’s “15 minute of fame” prediction. It’s easy now to have access to “fame” in a world that measures success in page hits. I think of a reporter that said today “It’s more important to be right than first”. He was retiring from journalism, and lamenting the days when he began and was told to “check twice, and then check again!”

  2. Chris Howard
    July 29, 2013 at 2:40 AM

    Yes. Every dead thing is a chupacabra.

    Now you’re thinking like one of them!

    Just like every unexplained event is a ghost/UFO/psychic phenomena/Angel/God/gods or Bigfoot.


  3. July 29, 2013 at 5:27 AM

    i second the recommendation of Ben Radford’s chupacabra book. Very good indeed.

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