Congratulations and other worthwhile remains of the day

I’ve been catching up on some good reads and links while keeping an eye on new news. Check out what I collected for you today.

“I’m a Creationist,” Says Former Times Tech Writer, Heffernan | Religion Dispatches.

In which Orac does Stanislaw Burzynski propagandist Eric Merola a favor… – Respectful Insolence.

Aggressive snake slithers down chimney and attacks police in Abbey Wood home (From This Is Local London).

DC Court affirms Michael Mann’s right to proceed in defamation lawsuit against National Review and CEI | Climate Science Watch.

Here is the latest Guerilla Skepticism update from Susan Gerbic. Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia: July Updates – Scott – Gorski – Tyson – Radford and MORE.

susanSusan won the Randi award, a special honor for promotion of skepticism, at The Amazing Meeting last week as she was honored for all her amazing work to promote reason, science and others who do the same. Everyone wishes they had a Susan Gerbic on their side (which is why the paranormalists whine about it – means you are doing something important).

The excellent talks from TAM2013 will eventually be posted on the JREF’s YouTube page. The talks were stellar and the panels were fascinating and informative. The networking and BFF-making was unsurpassed. And, Doubtful News t-shirts appeared in some most excellent places. (I heard it made an appearance at San Diego’s massive Comic Con this past week as well. Thanks, Mitch!) Check out Virtual Skeptics TAM wrapup episode for a recap. Susan is our special guest! It’s a little choppy due to our in-room wifi but it’s a lot of fun.



  5 comments for “Congratulations and other worthwhile remains of the day

  1. July 21, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    Susan works a full time job, is a terrific parent, I hear she’s a pretty nice girlfriend…..and also promotes skepticism via the internet like a hungry shark after a seal with one flipper. She does other skeptic work also, including protesting and real life action. She shows that you can sit behind your computer and also go out into the real world, and in both ways make a huge impact on the NON SKEPTIC WORLD. Her work is focused on the fence sitter and the person that “just doesn’t know”. Her work makes that person attending a psychic show think twice “Wow, I didn’t know there was this stuff called cold reading.”. She plants seeds in the minds of believers and keeps the fence sitter at the very least still sitting on the fence but leaning toward critical thinking. Well earned award.

  2. Brian
    July 21, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    “I’m a creationist” says that one person. I really have to ask this honestly: Who the hell cares?

  3. One Eyed Jack
    July 22, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    Great news on the Michael Mann defamation case! The denialists are still hard at work at that link spreading lies about Mann. Good to see Greg Laden and others refuting them none too gently. I imagine National Review and CEI are busy with some late night shredding and purging of hard drives in anticipation of the prosecution’s discovery.

    For those that have not done so, I highly recommend Michael Mann’s recent book that chronicles the malicious campaign of personal and professional assaults against him and others in the climate research community.

  4. July 22, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    I got to meet Michael Mann at the Amazing Meeting TAM earlier this month. He was great to talk to. Sharon Hill and Michael Mann

  5. One Eyed Jack
    July 22, 2013 at 12:34 PM

    He doesn’t look like the embodiment of evil that the denialists paint him as. I don’t see any horns or a tail.

    Pete: I’ve always wondered, what’s the devil look like?
    Everett: Well, there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.
    Tommy Johnson: Oh, no. No, sir. He’s white, as white as you folks, with empty eyes and a big hollow voice. He loves to travel around with a mean old hound. That’s right.

    -O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 2000.

    Well, perhaps. Did you see a mean old hound lingering nearby? 😉

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