AIDS denialist attempts intimidation of blogger

Attention bloggers: The Popehat* signal has been activated. An AIDS denialist is using intimidation tactics on someone he wishes to suppress. Let’s get the word out. Ken White of Popehat is asking for lawyers to step up to defend someone who is advocating AGAINST junk science.

*Popehat is a group blog mostly about law and politics and often illuminates injustices of those standing up in the face of bad science, junk science, nonscience and nonsense.

Popehat Signal: Vengeful AIDS Denialist Sues Critic In Texas | Popehat.

[…] the target of the abuse is a man named J. Todd Deshong, a blogger and HIV-positive AIDS activist. He’s a vocal critic of AIDS denialism. The online back-and-forth between denialists and their critics is often — as you would expect — characterized by harsh rhetoric. DeShong himself is often the target of rough language, but hasn’t sued anyone over it.

But Clark Baker has. Baker — represented by Mark Weitz of Weitz Morgan PLLC in Austin, Texas — has filed a federal lawsuit against Deshong. I’ve uploaded it here for your inspection. In it, Baker and his business — the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, Inc. — sue Deshong for trademark infringement, defamation, “business disparagement,” and for injunctive relief.

Baker has apparently contacted Deshong’s mother!

Mr. Baker’s conduct is not limited to his critics themselves. I interviews [sic] Mr. Deshong’s mother, a sweet lady with a spine of Texas steel. She told me about how Mr. Baker called her out of the blue and ranted at her. Mr. Baker angrily denounced her son, and told her that, as a police officer, he knew about dangerous people, and that Ms. DeShong should fear that her son would kill her in her sleep. He also threatened that he was arranging for doctors Mr. DeShong had criticized to sue him for defamation. Ms. Deshong pointed out that such a suit would bring no joy; Todd Deshong is not a rich man. “But you have money, right? You have a house, right?” responded Mr. Baker, implying that he might put her assets at risk. “He thought he could intimidate me. He didn’t know who he was dealing with,” said Ms. Deshong, who sounds like a good person to have at your back.

White remarks that offers to help have come in. But read the story, be aware that this is happening and remember, it could be you, or me, next.

This is not the first person that Baker has bothered and it may not be the last after this broadcast of news.

Read about Baker here: Clark Baker – Ex-cop and homophobic right-wing blogger |

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  1. Chris Howard
    July 24, 2013 at 12:55 AM

    And my friends here in the Lonestar state wonder why I’m moving. Seriously!

    A brain drain from the southern U.S. to the northern U.S. really, REALLY, needs to happen. That, or we should just let the south secede.

    I’ve watched the state I was born in slowly become the Mississippi of the southwest over the last twenty years. It’s guys like this who give Texas a bad name.

  2. JC
    July 24, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    I was very tired when I read the title for this story. I could not understand why doubtful news would post a story about an AIDS Dentist? Several confused blinks later I finally managed the correct read.
    agent j

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