Acquittal in Indian exorcism death

In August 2010 in India, a Pentecostal priest and six church members were arrested for allegedly causing the death of a 52-year-old member during an exorcism. They were charged with homicide, not murder.

Priest, 6 Others Arrested For Culpable Homicide In Aizawl – Times Of India.

Thangvunga, a resident of Rahsi Veng locality in Lunglei town, was reportedly taken over by an evil spirit and the priest, with the help of six other church members, tried to exorcise the evil spirit on Sunday night, but in vain.

The exorcism continued all through the night, during which Thangvunga fell asleep, or so they thought. When they failed to wake him up, they took him to the Civil Hospital in Lunglei where he was declared brought dead’.

The seven have just been acquitted.

Seven acquitted in Mizoram exorcism death case – Times Of India.

There was no additional detail found in this story of the decision. So, we can not tell what was accepted by the judge but this is negative development that will not help to stem the rise in dangerous, superstitious treatments.

The earlier piece notes that desperation and poor health services have caused a rise in such baseless “cures”. The commentary from the quoted doctor seemed to suggest the citizenry can not tell the difference between quack local practitioners and science-based medical care. When they finally resort to modern treatment, the illness has progressed far.

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  1. Peebs
    July 5, 2013 at 4:41 PM

    Sorry, but we seem to have a case of ‘Two Countries, divided by a common language’.

    What’s the difference between homicide and murder?

    Are you referring to homicide as manslaughter?

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