Academic conference on possession in London

A conference on spirit possession will take place this September in London run by the Ethnic Health Initiative. It looks fascinating!

BME Mental Health.

Spirit possession is recognised worldwide across many cultures and by several religions. Spirit possession is often seen as an idiom of distress causing a change in behaviour and mental well being. Spirit possession is also included in the ICD 10 and DSM IV classifications of mental disorders, yet the ex tent to which it is recognised and / or discussed in clinical practice is less than we would expect, even in UK cities where there resides a diverse population.

This one day event will consider the critical themes and debates on spirit possession from an anthropological, social, psychological, medical and religious perspective using a range of illustrative case study, clinical practice and research.

Recommended attendees are those who work in psychology, social work, mental health specialists, clergy, academics and policy specialists. The approach seems multidisciplinary. Sessions include the topics of mental health services, jinn, demons, and healing.

The cost ranges from 95 to 175 for the one day event. Anyone attending?

Possession and exorcism claims appear to be growing as immigrants bring their cultural beliefs into modern countries. This type of education is a good idea for health professionals to give them a background to the concepts that seem rather foreign and old fashioned. Yet, they are still endemic in some cultures.

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  1. scott auden
    July 18, 2013 at 2:54 PM

    I applaud this. As with “Alien abductions”, something complex (psychologically) is undoubtedly occuring, and that deserves study, so long as participants to not proceed from face value assumptions unsupported by objective evidence.

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