Workshop for ‘psychic/sensitive/perceptive’ kids advertised in Arizona

Questions? OH do I have questions!!!

This is an announcement in a local Arizona outlet.

Workshop for ‘psychic/sensitive/perceptive’ kids – White Mountain Independent: Briefs.

An experiential workshop is being offered Saturday, June 15, in Heber for “psychic/sensitive/perceptive” kids. Does your child have “friends” you can’t see, sees ghosts or other entities, has reoccurring nightmares, seems to predict things before they happen, is overly sensitive to their surroundings, hears voices, is picked on for being different? These are just a few of the many issues that will be touched upon at the workshop and you and your child will be helped to understand. You will be given “tools” to assist you.

Adult are required to accompany the kids and there is an explanation that the adults will participate in the beginning after which is seems like the kids are only involved. Cost is $99.


Who is running this?
Are they qualified psychologists or therapists?
What is their background?
What is the goal of this program?
What do you tell the kids?
Do you believe paranormal events are real?
Do you encourage paranormal belief?
Do you have malpractice insurance?

Maybe “Debbie” will respond. (Sorry, I’m not an investigative reporter so don’t ask me to call myself. Just sharing this ad. Maybe some in the Show Low area will be interested in following up to see what this is about.) It seems the ad

This is worrisome and should be reported to the local child welfare offices for investigation to see if it is legitimate.

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  2 comments for “Workshop for ‘psychic/sensitive/perceptive’ kids advertised in Arizona

  1. RDW
    June 8, 2013 at 8:51 PM

    I’d tend to not trust (at all) anything like this where children would at some point be left alone with what appears to be a bunch of weirdos. It’s not just the phony psychic crapola I’d be worried about, and implanting false notions into impressionable minds. Targeting children specifically might mean they’re freakish in some other way as well.

  2. June 9, 2013 at 2:17 AM

    They are charging $99.00 for the workshop, which means that their target audience are parents with more money than sense. Whether the people holding the workshop are believers or con men or both is hard to discern without the answers to your questions. But I doubt they are skeptics, or at least not honest skeptics.

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