Bigfoot skull fossil is a amateur mistake of wishful thinking

(Updated on Jun 06 2016)
The assumptions in this story are astounding.

Man believes he found fossilized Bigfoot head.

“I found a fossilized Bigfoot skull.”

A journalist can go his or her entire life waiting to hear those six magic words. And yet, on a recent weekday afternoon, that very thing happened.

Todd May, of Ogden, dropped by the offices of the Standard-Examiner to see if someone would be interested in a story about a fairly impressive fossil find. After showing off a couple of digital photos, May offered six even more compelling words — “Do you want to see it?” — followed by the motherlode of sentences: “It’s out in the trunk of my car.”

May says he found it in the mouth of Ogden Canyon, Utah. He thinks it’s a skull because he has run into the real thing, he says, in his outdoor excursions before.

First, we are asked to believe he has actually seen a Bigfoot in real life. Then, we are asked to accept that this piece rock is not just a fossil but a fossil skull. And not just a fossil skull, but a skull of Bigfoot. Talk about a stretch of credulity.

It could be a fossil. It is not a skull and it is not Bigfoot. There is a mistaken assumption that you can create lithified bone in just a little while. It takes millions of years.

Here is the video of his find. He notes that HE SEES features of soft tissue, like tongue and nose. That would make this even more dubious since tongues don’t fossilize. They may mummify – but there is nothing (like bone) from a tongue that would be mineralized and end up a fossilized.

UPDATE: This story reappears in April 2016: Throwback Thursday: Man believes he found fossilized Bigfoot head
For reasons unknown, though I think the guy just wants attention, it is now back in the mainstream news.

Man claims to have found Bigfoot skull

I feel bad for posting this story. It’s ludicrous. But, there you have it – the power of wishful thinking, or of just wanting to get into the local newspaper.

It's a rock, not a bigfoot head. Sorry to disappoint but let's be serious here...

It’s a rock, not a bigfoot head. Sorry to disappoint but let’s be serious here…

For a similar story, check out this one where the collector thought he had an alien head. (Spoiler: So do I.)

One thing geologists do on a fairly regular basis is to inform people who think they found something awesome like a fossil or meteorite that it is not that thing, and there is a more mundane explanation. You know, often they don’t believe us. Sigh. Back to the real world.