Solar-powered plane sparks UFO reports

Modern tech strikes again. Lovely blue lights…

It’s Not a UFO! A Strange Solar-Powered Plane Is Crossing the U.S. – Businessweek.

Shortly after midnight in early May, a strange aircraft approached Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. It had the wingspan of a jumbo jet but flew at only about 40 miles per hour; 16 bright, bluish-white lights shone along the leading edge of its spindly wings. Concerned Phoenicians called the police to report an alien landing.

Sky Harbor’s air traffic control explained to Phoenix police that the ostensible UFO was really a solar-powered airplane: the Solar Impulse.

Very cool craft! And only temporarily unidentified. When you see just lights (and these are strange-looking LED lights that we aren’t really used to seeing in the sky, you can’t really tell what is holding the lights. But, it is another lesson on UFOs – there are SO many strange things in the sky these days, we will certainly see more people reporting such sightings. But there are less reasons to think they are otherworldly. Thanks to man-made technology, they are futuristic flying objects.

Check out the Solar Impulse here (Note: Having trouble with this website). And see the story on how the plane set a new distance record.

Solar Impulse from Wikipedia Commons

Solar Impulse from Wikipedia Commons

  2 comments for “Solar-powered plane sparks UFO reports

  1. RDW
    May 25, 2013 at 8:00 PM

    I could certainly see how something like that would be very confusing ; traveling at an unusually slow speed, a strange configuration of odd looking lights. I’ve sometimes wondered if some of the sightings from the last century were people seeing top secret war planes and not understanding what they were looking at. A Stealth Bomber would look extremely ” otherworldly ” to anyone who didn’t know what it was.

  2. Halidom
    May 27, 2013 at 5:44 AM

    I of coarse believe in UFOs. I see them and hear them all the time. I know it’s a plane but as I don’t know much about planes I can’t identify it. Another problem is that at that height I have no idea what company is flying the plane. I’ve never thought it was alien just a plane that’s a UFO. Maybe I lack the skills of people that thinks these are alien. It could have something to do with my upbringing. My father was a true skeptic. So maybe some of that could influence my sightings of UFOs.

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