Mystery life-jackets seemed to have defeated their purpose

It’s not clear what this means but it doesn’t look good.

Life-jackets wash up unexplained in Australia |

Australian police said on Monday 28 life-jackets had washed up on a beach in the Cocos Islands, but there was no specific incident they could link them to and no search was under way.

The life-jackets, found on the Indian Ocean territory off Western Australia on Friday, had sparked fears that asylum-seekers may once again have drowned en route to Australia.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) initially said that eight life-jackets were found but later updated this number to 28.

It appears likely that the life-jackets came from an asylum-seeker boat which suggests there was some incident. The lifejackets were expensive and would not have been thrown overboard. There is no word of an investigation. It’s unsolved.

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  1. May 30, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    Life jackets are kept in boxes on the deck. Seems odd that no one’s proposed that one of these boxes has simply fallen overboard. Also odd: most life jackets have the name of the ship or vessel printed on them.

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