“Miracle” babies in Nigeria as women are fooled by pricey midwife

Desperate women in Nigeria duped into thinking they are pregnant and are given babies from “baby factories”. Outrageous.

Nigerian ‘factory’ babies bought and sold | News.com.au.

FOR nine months, the midwife had been giving the woman herbs to take and several things indicated she was indeed pregnant. Her stomach had swelled, so had her feet.

She had spent many years trying to conceive and now, at 61, she was finally with child, twins in fact – or so she thought.

Even when it came time to give birth, the woman still believed she was an expectant mother. She went back to the midwife, was given seeds to chew and started feeling drowsy.

There was even blood and baby cries. She was handed two babies. Women are desperate to have babies and pay large sums of money to this midwife. They never go to the hospital and are convinced they have given birth. One idea in this piece is that the herbs prescribed simulate pregnancy.

Where do the actual babies come from? Allegedly, baby factories where teenage girls are impregnanted and forced to give birth.

This story has been validated by various other sources who have reported on the raiding of such baby factories. Our tipster writes:
While the news of Nigerian baby factories is now not news – and unfortunately they seem to continue – this story introduces a scam that contains traces of exploitation of vulnerability, cultural beliefs in “woo” and herbal abuse.

Nigeria busts another baby factory, saves 6 pregnant teens – Washington Times.

BBC News – Nigeria ‘baby factory’ raided in Imo state.

Tip: Andrew Ross