Horse rescue involved “animal communicator”

Color me skeptical on this one…I’m not so keen on “miracles”.

Horse stuck in ravine rescued through ‘telepathy’ | Local News | The Seattle Times.

Officials executed a difficult horse rescue on Tuesday, lifting an 800-pound Norwegian fjord out of a deep Redmond ravine without any injuries.

But the most incredible part, says the stable’s owner, is how caretakers found the horse — with the help of a telepathic animal communicator.

Owner Barbara Linstedt said caretakers searched for her for hours before getting connected to acclaimed horse communicator Joan Ranquet on Monday night.

Ranquet apparently communicated via telepathy with Gemma and determined she was in a tight space near shrubbery and could hear road noise and water, Linstedt said.

Linstedt knew that meant the shelf in the ravine.

“It’s amazing,” Linstedt said. “It’s an absolute miracle that we found her and got her out.”

See also here for video.

So, the horse has gotten out before. The owner knew of the area in which she was trapped so had she done that before? Horses often escape to their favorite place (where there are good eats) so I can see many clues that could have led them to her location. The animal communicator didn’t give anything very specific and appears to have just triggered the thought of this location with the owner and there she was. I don’t call this a miracle. I call it convenient. But very glad the horse is OK.

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  1. Scott auden
    May 30, 2013 at 7:07 PM

    Same old thing: how many times does a “psychic” fail completely, but that doesn’t get noticed, let alone make the news. If she does miracles, should be easy to locate 8 out of 10 in a controlled test.

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