Berry’s Mom was told daughter was dead. Thanks, Sylvia. You were so &*%#^ helpful. (UPDATED)

Missing teens Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight have been found. This is incredible news for their families who have been living a nightmare all these years.

BREAKING: Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, she and Gina DeJesus – CBS 5 – KPHO.

A woman claiming to be Amanda Berry called Cleveland Police Monday afternoon.

She also told the 911 dispatcher that Gina DeJesus is with her. A third missing woman, 32-year old Michelle Knight, was in the home with Berry and DeJesus. It’s believed Knight disappeared when she was 20.

It appears this is true and quite AMAZING news.

Cleveland police dispatch: Missing teens Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus found alive.

Berry was last seen in 2003 when she was called her sister to say she was getting a ride home from work at the Burger King on West 110th Street and Lorain Avenue. She was set to turn 17 the day after her disappearance.

Ten years ago, guess who predicted Amanda Berry was dead…

Amanda Berry’s mother asks Psychic Sylvia Browne ‘Is she out there’ |

Amanda Berry’s mother traveled to New York to tell her story to Psychic Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams Show. The show was a shot at getting her daughter’s picture before the eyes of millions of Americans. “On April 21st 2003, 16-year-old Amanda Berry left her part-time job never to be seen again,” the show began. With that, TV viewers across America now know a girl from Cleveland is missing. But Amanda Berry’s mom wanted more than her daughter’s picture on national TV. She wants answers. “Can you tell me…Is she out there?” Berry’s mother Louwana Miller asked. “I hate when they’re in the water,” Browne said. “She’s not alive honey.” It was bad news from the world-renowned psychic. It’s what Miller didn’t want to hear. “So you don’t think I’ll ever see her again,” Miller said. “Yeah in Heaven on the other side,” Browne responded. “I’m sorry.”

Yep, Amanda’s Mom thought her child was dead. She died of heart failure in 2006.

We have seen many MANY, WAY TOO MANY stories of psychics being wrong or at least distracting and unhelpful for solving cases. Sylvia is all those and more. For all that is good and decent in the world – NEVER trust a psychic. DO not waste your time, your effort and your hopes.

Here is a transcript from the show.

Up to this point, her prediction that Shawn Hornbeck was dead was her biggest blunder.

STOP Sylvia Browne

Psychic Defective: Sylvia Browne’s History of Failure – CSI.

UPDATE: (8-May-2013) This epic fail has been major news. The backlash appears to be quite harsh on social media. After reportedly receiving a barrage of negative comments on her Facebook page, the page is now closed. Hmm. She has not made a public comment though her publicist says we can’t expect her to be 100% correct. She is correct as good as chance. And this is another MAJOR ERROR. That list is growing.

Is this the end for Sylvia Browne? She is 76 and not in the best of health. Her heyday was in the Larry King and Montel Williams days. Both are gone and no one seems to want an unpopular psychic on their show. I sure hope her career is over. She’s done way WAY too much harm and made millions from it.

Psychic under fire for wrongly predicting Ohio abductee’s death.

Sylvia Browne: fans lash out at ‘psychic’ over false Ohio abduction prediction | World news |

Girl Recovered After 10 Years Claimed Dead by Psychic | Amanda Berry & Missing Persons Cases | LiveScience.

Amanda Berry’s Mom Was Told by Pyschic Sylvia Browne That Berry Was Dead – ABC News.

8-May-2013 Sylvia has a statement on Facebook (that is now a private page)

For more than 50 years as a spiritual psychic and guide, when called upon to either help authorities with missing person cases or to help families with questions about their loved ones, I have been more right than wrong. If ever there was a time to be grateful and relieved for being mistaken, this is that time. Only God is right all the time. My heart goes out to Amanda Berry, her family, the other victims and their families. I wish you a peaceful recovery.

via Sylvia Browne: fans lash out at ‘psychic’ over false Ohio abduction prediction | World news |

And at least one of the family member still believes in her.

Sherry Cole, Amanda Berry’s cousin reached out to Sylvia this morning to let her know that she supports her, loves her, knows Sylvia never claims to be 100% right, but wanted to let her know that she was accurate in her description of the perpetrators at the time.
“Our family in no way blames Sylvia. This doesn’t change anything. We still love her and believe in her.” ­ Sherry Cole

This is Grade A example of cognitive dissonance at work. I feel ill.

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  13 comments for “Berry’s Mom was told daughter was dead. Thanks, Sylvia. You were so &*%#^ helpful. (UPDATED)

  1. May 6, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    I think of how she said that the fiancée of an audience member was in water, but whoops he was in the towers. what a hateful gremlin she is.

  2. May 6, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    I am a firm believer in being a dick to these psychics. It takes some sort of horrific moral low to make money off people’s sorrow. She lied, and that poor mother died without even hope.

  3. Kev
    May 6, 2013 at 10:55 PM

    Brown and those of her ilk are utterly contemptible, the lowest of the bottom-feeders.

  4. Chew
    May 7, 2013 at 1:05 AM

    In 2003 Browne told the parents of Shawn Hornbeck that he was dead. He turned up alive, too.

  5. Chris Jensen Romer
    May 7, 2013 at 7:22 AM

    I’m glad to see Robert S Lancaster’s Stop Sylvia site get a mention. While I am very sympathetic to people who believe they are psychic, the consequences of their public actions should be as accountable as anyone elses. This whole thing is miserably tragic. 🙁

  6. May 7, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    there are “shut eyes” and “open eyes” if I remember correctly? And Sylvia long ago became an “open eye”. She is used to a terrific lifestyle and even has her own ‘church” where members make sure she’s still living well. So sad, because TV psychics still have shows. “Long Island Medium” had her talking to a young boy that had lost his sister. I could only watch a few moments as this young child turned to his parent and said “She’s real!”. The sneer that came across the Long Island Mediums face was one of “gotcha!”

  7. May 7, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    Thanks to Sharon Hill’s Doubtful News and Bob Lancaster’s Stop Sylvia, I’ve simply chosen to direct SWIFT readers to these great sources so that Browne’s perfidy and cruelty can be fully understood and recognized by SWIFT readers. Sharon and Bob have been aboard the JREF wagon for years now, and we couldn’t wish for better allies. How the blatant liars like Browne can survive such exposure, is the mystery to which I still have no answer, except that folks out there just seem to prefer to have fantasy and deception rule them…

    Folks, I seriously suggest that each reader of this news write to newspaper editors, radio and TV stations, to express their dismay. That way, we just might attract enough attention to this taloned fraud. Please consider spending a few moments on this, will you? Send them to and to and encourage them to publicize this latest Browne farce…

    You’ll be striking a blow for rationality and reason by doing this.

    James Randi

  8. May 7, 2013 at 7:05 PM

    How tragically sad that Amanda Berry’s dear mother didn’t get the opportunity to be reunited with her daughter. It just breaks this mothers heart.

  9. May 8, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    I am happy, happy, happy to see that is overwhelmed today! Fortunately that means that many people went there and got the truth about “Browne’s perfidy and cruelty”. Unfortunately that means that many people don’t get to see it. I’ve got a few bucks to contribute for bandwidth if anybody knows where I can sent it.


  10. briant
    May 8, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    How someone as contemptible as Sylvia Browne can continue to prey on people’s hopes/dreams or even a person’s desperation to want to believe is beyond me. Just like the snake oil salesmen of old, this poor excuse for a human being happily takes people’s money providing them with a diatribe of garbage that spews forth from her mouth. Look up the definition of a sociopath and Sylvia Browne’s picture will be right there. Pathetic.

  11. Richard
    May 12, 2013 at 1:36 PM

    Sylvia’s career may be over, but through her appearances, private readings, and books, she’s made millions. All through fraud. Sad that the rules that one cannot profit from a crime or criminal enterprise are not being applied to her.

  12. Jason
    May 14, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Browne’s “career” needed to be over 5 decades ago–or however long she’s been swindling people and peddling her bs. If there ever was a time for a stake to put down this grief vampire, now would be it. But even in spite of the backlash, we can see that she’s using this as an opportunity to martyr herself to her fans and to the public and anyone receptive enough to listen to (or be convinced of) her con-job.

    I hope more people have long memories…

  13. DrMeatwadPhD
    May 17, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    Bob, but the water Sylvia had seen in her vision and confused for water was really all of that jet fuel that leaked into the lobby and only the lobby, as in not leaking down past the lobby level into the lower levels below that lobby of the World Trade Center, and THEN decided to blow up just at the lobby level, was what ‘looked like water’ to the Great and Powerful Sylvia in her vision for that woman. What you think you saw as all the jet fuel burning up in a huge fire ball (x’s 2) was not the jet fuel at all, but the dry wall (and other material) turned to dust and blowing up like a grain elevator can if a spark hits that dust. (do I need to apply a sarc tag? yes, no?)

    Kittynh, me too. I love to expose most of all, the [removed-ed.]

    [removed – ed. PLEASE watch your language. You are making unsubstantiated claims that could be construed as libelous. READ the COMMENT POLICY]

    Television shows like Montel Williams’ past show, should be lawfully required to place an opening disclaimer on any guest that works a ‘confidence’ scheme on people. If they had any past convictions for frauds of any type like S.Brown has, it is his duty to inform his audience of that major fact. So S.Brown was a Convicted Felon, I never knew that until a few hours ago. Thanks Montel (her co-conspirator in crimes).

    I too am grateful for the other sites mentioned in here. My mother needed it. She used to record each of her shows too, like so many have. [removed-ed.]

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