Be a good neighbor and put up with the frog noises

I think this story from Wisconsin is pretty neat. But just goes to show, not everyone loves nature.

Police called for fornicating frogs : Baraboo News Republic.

A neighbor called police complaining Debbie Alsip was jamming out to loud music, but it turned out to be the neighborhood frogs who were getting down.

Twice this month a neighbor has called Baraboo police to complain about loud music coming from the backyard of Debbie and Jeff Alsip’s Rivercrest Drive home. The responding officer found the culprits weren’t the Alsips, but frogs sounding mating calls at full throat. Among amorous amphibians, the Alsips’ koi pond is Baraboo’s answer to Studio 54.

“Every spring, this happens,” Debbie Alsip said. “It has woke (sic) us up before, if we have our windows open.”

Alsip said the frogs just show up and she has no intent to “shoo” them away as the neighbor wants.

Animals sometimes make weird noises and are mistaken for humans or monster or Bigfoot! Here are some you might hear in your own backyard. Foxes and bobcats tend to freak people out. Unless you know what you are listening to, it can be unnerving. And though some attribute the sounds to other causes, paranormal or bad-neighbor-normal, it could be perfectly natural. Let them be. Get a white noise machine or just enjoy the ambiance.

  2 comments for “Be a good neighbor and put up with the frog noises

  1. May 15, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    Really? I find listening to frogs is one of the most relaxing sounds in nature.

  2. May 16, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    How does one shoo frogs away?

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