A piece of 100 million year old land is not ANYTHING like ATLANTIS

Brazilian ‘Atlantis’ found – Telegraph.

The legend of Atlantis, a sunken island thought to have once lay between Africa and South America, has been the subject of literary myths for centuries.

But geologists in Brazil have now added their claims to speculation over the precise location of the mysterious land mass, mentioned first by Plato in around 360BC.

Working with scientists from Japan, experts believe they have found evidence of a continent that disappeared after Africa and South America separated, 900 miles from the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The discovery of granite, a rock formed on dry land, was announced by the Geology Service of Brazil (CPRM) as a sign of a lost continent.

“This could be Brazil’s Atlantis,” said CPRM geology director Roberto Ventura Santos. “We are almost certain, but we need to strengthen this hypothesis.”

*FACEPALM* That was a very SILLY way of putting it.

Let’s do the math, Plato – 360BC versus breakup of the continent 100 MILLION years ago. No overlap. No humans around.

Santos then adds: “We speak of Atlantis more in terms of symbolism. Obviously, we don’t expect to find a lost city in the middle of the Atlantic.”

No but this is a particularly bad way of talking about it because people will forget the numbers with just the words reinforcing, yet again, the mistaken idea of Atlantis. IF Atlantis was used to mean “missing piece of land” and not saddled with so much mystique, then this would be OK but it’s not. People still look for the mythical Atlantis, thinking it’s real and holds a lost cache of treasures.

Please, scientists, it’s not in the best interest of popular understanding to casually use concepts like “ghosts”, “god”, Atlantis, “Hell”, whatever, to talk about findings. It just pushes mythical ideas and confuses people even more.

Don’t get me started on the “God” particle.

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  1. Chris Howard
    May 7, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    Good lord! Any first year philosophy student will tell you that it’s very well established that Plato’s Atlantis is a fiction, used as allegory. Ugh!

  2. RDW
    May 7, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    I have a similar problem concerning the “God” particle. It gives an opportunity for people that know nothing about a subject to wag their finger and say “See ?? God !!!” .

  3. May 8, 2013 at 3:10 AM

    The separation of South America from Africa is currently calculated to have happened about 120 million years ago. That was sixty million years before the first primates evolved. Hominids, which led to us, only arrived on the scene five or six million years ago and the first Homo sapiens less than 200 thousand years before now. Then, the first known people to become sedentary did not settle down until about fourteen and a half thousand years ago, the embryo civilizations they started rather less than that around twelve thousand years before today.

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