23 girls in Nigeria died from herbal abortion procedure


23 Pregnant girls Dead in Delta After Taking Herbal Abortion Drug; Native Doctor, Quack Nurses Arrested | OSUN DEFENDER.

Not less than 23 pregnant ladies have met their untimely deaths after drinking an herbal abortion drugs from a native doctor to terminate their pregnancies.

This happened at an illegal abortion clinic in Delta state.

Leadership reports Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, the state police commissioner, who confirmed the discovering of the illegal home, said no fewer than 23 females whose unwanted pregnancies were terminated, died after drinking the concoction.

This article is vague. It has no information on whether the girls died from poisoning from the herbs or from hemorrhaging. Is this a statement on quack treatments, the desperation of young girls to terminate pregnancy, the lack of suitable facilities in Nigeria or all of the above?