UFO conferences rising in popularity

Who says UFOlogy is going down the tubes? It’s standing room only in Arkansas.

UFO conference speakers address standing-room-only crowds.

The Ozark UFO Conference might have to find a new venue next year, if this past weekend’s attendance at the Inn of the Ozarks was any indication of the future.

The 26th annual conference had 600 people pre-registered, said conference organizer Dolores Cannon Friday, the largest it had ever had. And by Saturday, numbers swelled to the point where the 700-seat capacity in the main conference room was overflowing with people standing, lining the back walls. Parking overflowed to the lots at the old high school across the street.

The conference’s nine speakers covered a diverse array of subjects, and there was notably less focus on government disclosure of UFOs than there had been in the past. Although subjects ranged from sightings, aliens and artifacts to pyramids and crop circles around the world, there was a decided emphasis on metaphysics and what the interconnection of all these subjects might mean for the future of this planet.

Whether one believes in ETs, UFOs, pyramid power and other similar phenomena or not, there is no doubt conferences such as these are growing in popularity.

Hmm… People DO like this kind of stuff. And they are curious. Mainstream science does not address this stuff so other “experts” step in and take their place getting audiences around the country to listen to them speak about it. HELLO! This is important! Speak politely and plainly to people who are emotionally invested in this topic. Go to these conferences and see what they are about. It will be an eye-opener but it’s part of our culture and we should try to understand it.

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  1. spookyparadigm
    April 20, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Oh, I’ve been saying it will go through a stage like this

    “there was a decided emphasis on metaphysics and what the interconnection of all these subjects might mean for the future of this planet”

    before it begins to decline entirely (as it will lose its popular flying saucers tie-in with time). it will go back to its roots. Take away Maussan and Howe, both hold-overs from the last great popularity of ufology, and tell me exactly how different the messages presented (as described in that piece) are from the Shaver mysteries and contemporary pre-UFO and early saucer contactee theosophical material?

    That’s what will be left when the last of the “scientific” ufologists pass away in the coming decades.

  2. spookyparadigm
    April 20, 2013 at 9:29 PM

    Here’s the 2004 lineup. A bit more X-Files, a bit less (though not entirely without) ancient wisdom and lost civilizations and lower frequency evil spirits.


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