The Beast of Burscough reportedly spotted again

Another black cat sighting reported

Beast of Burscough spotted again – reports of big cat prowling near canal in village – Skelmersdale Advertiser.

THE latest sighting of a big cat prowling around Burscough has been reported to the Advertiser.

Last October, Dave Stanhope sent in the picture above of a “large black cat, up to 3ft long” stalking the railway tracks in the village.

Now another sighting has been reported of the “beast of Burscough” – this time seen in fields by the canal near the crossing by the Slipway pub.

At first he thought it was a dog. But then he says it was more like 4 feet long and jet black. The walk was reminiscent of a large cat, with the characteristic shoulder movement, as it traveled across a field.

There were no pictures taken of this one. Typically they are too far away anyway to make much out. Back in September (not October as noted in the piece) a man sent in this picture of a black cat along the rails. Some suggested the cat was much bigger than a normal cat compared to the tracks but I just don’t see it. The pixelation can make this look larger than it really is.

beast black cat

Photo: Dave Stanhope from 2012

Some suspected it was just a big “moggy” or domestic cat or a feral cat that had grown a bit large.

As with all things, judging size is not something we humans do all that well, especially from far away.

The story about the New Cross big cat a few days ago prompted a message from researcher Neil Arnold who wrote:

In my book MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: LONDON I prove that large cats were kept as pets in abundance, not too dissimilar to pit bull terriers today as the trendy pet to have. Harrods most certainly sold smaller cats, as well as lions. A lot of people disowned their ‘pets’ after the introduction of the ’76 Dangerous Wild Animals Act – but there would have to be enough leopard, puma, lynx out there as such animals only live for around 13 years in the wild and will not mate with one another.

He also commented:

[…] for every 100 ‘big cat’ sightings there will be unreliable eye witness testimony, vague reports, hoaxes, misidentification, but occasionally, if one looks, there is evidence.

I don’t think this latest one has any associated physical evidence (at least nothing like prints were reported)  but it’s worth a look. Also note: New Cross, Kent is not near Burscough (North West England) but “alien big cats” have been spotted all over England and Wales.

Tip: Michael Carrico

  4 comments for “The Beast of Burscough reportedly spotted again

  1. Kevin W Booth
    April 18, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    “alien big cats” have been spotted all over England and Wales.” There has been many sightings were i live in Scotland also, not just England an Wales.

  2. April 18, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    @Kevin Thanks. I knew there was some but not sure how it compared.

  3. Brian
    April 19, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    That looks like a Savannah cat. Being it’s the usual blurry nondescript blob for a mystery animal, the railroad tracks give a hint. Also- I dont think that cat is actually black- more of a dark brown/ grey. It’s the way the pixels look.. What there IS of them. Look up Savannahs on Google. Some of them get big and beefy. Unless Britain has different ways to gauge railroad ties, the gap between them is around a foot or so. I used to walk rails, and my foot would fit between ties. Kitty up there could go across like 2 railroad ties easy. My cat at home could spread across 2 and change, including his tail. He is also suspected to be a Savannah. He’s also still a danged kitten. He’s maybe a year old. (We found him. Someone actually threw him out.) Savannahs mature in 3 years, and then… Well, our food bill will spike…

    Here’s a shot of a cat that will in 2 years rival the blob in the pic:

  4. Rand
    April 21, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    The separation between the rails (in both the US, and most of Europe, including Britain) is 4′ 8″.
    If you look at the cat in the blurry picture, you can see that part of the dark smudge appears to be shadow, leaving the monster to appear to be approx 1/4 the width of the rails, or 1 foot long. Not that much of a monster.

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