Problems demolishing old building blamed on spirits

Well, this is a weird one. There is no way to know if the stories related are factual but note that they involve interpretation of the events in the telling. The facts without the interpretation may tell a different story but instead this was framed as a paranormal event.

Woonsocket mill demolition leads to paranormal event.

Last spring, Coventry Building and Wrecking began tearing down the old French Worsted Co. building so that the site could be prepped for new construction.

“What happened here is still a mystery to me. What was real too was the fear that the construction crew felt and that time, and also what was real was that the work stopped,” said Sofia Kaczor, a hydrologist for the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.

The crane, which was operated by John Baccaire, went haywire every time it got close to tearing away one part of the building. Baccaire’s daughter, Kim, took a picture she said shows what looks like ghosts in the window of the old mill.

A second time, Baccaire told NBC 10 a huge beam bounced on the ground and appeared to be guided directly at the crane’s cab and missed Baccaire by inches.

The owner of the crane could not figure out the problem. A paranormal investigator and two mediums were brought in. The mediums had to explain to the spirits that their time was over in this building and it must go. They must leave. Where did they go? Unknown. But work then continued.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it: There could have been SEVERAL alternate explanations here that do not involve ghosts or invoke anything paranormal. The context that one witness put it in colored the observations. You will see the typical ploy: We could not find an explanation, therefore, paranormal. That’s not reasonable. The picture reportedly taken showing ghosts in the window shows absolutely nothing. This is a case of imagination gone wild.