JZ Knight’s lawyers ask for inside info from Facebook

The court case between JZ Knight, who runs the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, (RSE) and former members of the school continues with issues over privacy, free speech and copyright.

The original case left the realm about what went on at the school and turned into a defamation case. The Knight legal side has been successful, it appears in turning things their way, away from the actual business itself. Now, they are after private information on the plaintiffs.

Yelm Online > RSE YouTube video case continues.

Members of a Facebook group comprised of former members of Yelm’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment are asking Judge Gary Taybor to quash a subpoena seeking information from their Facebook accounts in Thurston County Superior Court on Friday.

The group, called Enlighten Europa (EE), also seeks a protective order.

A lawyer representing the anti-RSE website Enlighten Me Free (EMF) and the site’s owner, former RSE student David McCarthy, filed a motion to strike all claims against McCarthy and all other unidentified defendants associated with his website.

The proceedings are part of the court case between Yelm channeler JZ Knight and Coverdale, who released videos on YouTube that showed Knight making disparaging comments about Catholics, gays and Mexicans. Representatives of the school said the videos were taken out of context.

JZK, Inc. sued Coverdale, arguing she signed a contract when she was a student at the school stipulating she wouldn’t disseminate the school’s materials. Coverdale is a member of EE.

Lawyers for JZK, Inc., the company owned by Yelm channeler JZ Knight, subpoenaed Facebook for information on members of the private Facebook group Enlightened Europa, which is made up of former RSE members who say they believe the school is a cult. Motions filed by Yelm lawyer Breckan Scott seek to give the group protected status as a therapeutic recovery group, and to quash the subpoena.

JZK, Inc. lawyers stated in court documents they need the information to help identify who provided Coverdale with proprietary video footage.

So they are looking for the rat. JZK, Inc.’s lawyers have subpoenaed several in the web chain, including Google. If Facebook gives that information, are they in breach of the right of anonymous free speech. But they insist it is to identify the copyright breach. The EE facebook group supposedly contains discussion about the dubious practices inside the RSE includes commentary on how representatives of the RSE undertake “ongoing efforts to harass and oppress thought-provoking speech regarding the organization.” Fear tactics that the organization uses are also mentioned in context with members and those that speak out. Students supposedly sign an agreement that they will not distribute information from the school. But the argument is that the video in question, which you can read about here, is outside that scope.

Former associates of Knight, students and social commentators have called the RSE a cult.

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