Hamster Jesus resurrected on Good Friday

Holy hamster! It’s alive!

Hamster comes back from dead on Good Friday – Telegraph.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and boyfriend James Davis were looking after the pet hamster, called Tink, for friends when they found her lying lifeless in her cage.

They thought she was dead and wrapped her body in kitchen roll, dug a 1ft deep grave in their flower bed and laid her to rest.

But the next day – Good Friday – Mr Davies called back to announce that the hamster had been ‘resurrected’ after going into hibernation.

She had eaten her way out of her paper shroud, dug her way out of her grave, edged along a narrow wall and then climbed a waste pipe to land in a recycling box.

Experts said that Tink had gone into hibernation which had made her appear dead.

The vet noted that it was not the first time he’d seen this.

“If its body temperature drops below a certain level the animal can go into hibernation. But the hamster managed to raise itself out of the torpor and the cold ground. Odd.

Some of you may know that I also have the endless hamster. She’s two years old now. Still going… Amazing critter. I’ll be sure not to bury her prematurely.

Video report from The Telegraph: