Ghostbusted for breaking and entering

Good. Just because you say you are looking for ghosts doesn’t give you the right to trespass.

Nelson Ghostbusting Group Gets Fright – national |

A group of Nelson “ghostbusters” are fighting burglary charges after they were busted by police in Nelson’s old – and, some say, haunted – psychiatric hospital.

They told police they were hoping to scare themselves by observing signs of “the paranormal”, but it was a police dog waiting for them that frightened them the most.

The group of five were caught in an abandoned building at Stoke’s former Ngawhatu Hospital at 1am on March 30.

Police say they entered the building through a broken window.

Their defense is that they were not there to do damage or steal anything. So what they did was not unlawful. Uh, yes it was, dumbasses. You are not appointed NZ official ghost seekers and can do whatever you feel entitled to do. This is annoying. It must even be doubly annoying to people who go to great lengths to seek permission to visit these places.