Blessing scam targeting elderly Asian women hits NYC

This scam, targeting elderly Asian women, is STILL going on, from coast to coast.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Chinese Blessing Scam’ rocks Brooklyn Asian enclaves  – NY Daily News.

Elderly women in Brooklyn’s Asian enclaves are facing a frightening choice from sweet-talking thieves: Your cash or an evil curse.

Sightings of the bewitching cons who use the “Blessing Scam” scout for their prey along busy shopping strips in Sunset Park, Bensonhurst and Gravesend.

“Then they ask for cash to help the family members. They say they have special powers” and if victims brush them off “they say you or your family member will get ill,” Tsang said.

This is the first report in NYC. The victims, who perhaps don’t speak English, rarely report the crimes. Officials are attempting to warn senior citizens about the practice.

We first heard about this in the US in November of 2012 from San Francisco when officials also tried to warn people of the danger. Priming the community to watch for scams works!.

It showed up in Australia. Psychic bag ladies appear in Melbourne | Doubtful News.

Also in Turkey and Scotland and another in California.

This is international! Get the word out. There are no such thing as special powers and curses. Even if your elderly grandma believes there are, you can still warn her that these people are scamming old ladies, be aware.

Tip: Ray Gorman