Beaver attack kills man

Beavers are wild animals, have HUGE teeth and may have rabies. Learn from this: Keep away.

Beaver ‘bites man to death’ – Telegraph.

An angler in Belarus has died after he was attacked by a beaver which bit him twice on the thigh, severing an artery.

Sergei Shtyk, the deputy head of the region’s wildlife inspectorate, told The Daily Telegraph the victim had tried to approach the aquatic rodent after he and two friends encountered it as they headed out on a fishing trip.

Mr Shtyk said the fishermen were partly to blame for the tragedy, because they had approached the creature. “A beaver is a wild animal, after all,” he said. A local doctor said the victim might have survived if a tourniquet had been applied to his leg.

Note that the beaver was acting a bit strange, being out in the day. If you recall, this has happened repeatedly. People have been injured from rabid beaver attacks. In this case, the bite managed to sever an artery. A dog bite can potentially do the same.

83 year old woman attacked by rabid beaver is severely injured .

Rabid beaver attacked swimmer in Pennsylvania.


Video of another beaver attack. Dude! You were harassing it, what did you EXPECT!?

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