You found what? In a pig’s eye!

The box said “Keep Refrigerated”… and do not look because the contents will look back at you.

Eyeballs found in trash at Kansas City gas station –

Police say they are trying to determine how a medical box containing a pair of eyeballs ended up in a trash bin at a gas station in Kansas City.

Eyeballs found at Northland gas station not human, KC police say –

A worker told police she was emptying the trash can when she saw a cardboard box on top with stickers that said: “Keep refrigerated.”

She opened the box and found a medical cooler, labeled “six eyes.” Inside the cooler were ice packs and a bag of eyes.

Eye, eye, EYE, that must have been a surprise. Yuck.

Blood tested from the eyes determined they were not human. Most likely they were from a pig.

But the question remains, what where they doing there. Was it a joke? The video surveillance camera captured a car dumping the box but no further info about the owner of the car was included. It seems likely that the eyes may have been intended for medical research. Pig eyes can be used for dissection and surgery practice because they are not too unlike humans. Perhaps there were no longer needed and just discarding them this way was easier than disposing them as medical waste.

pig eye