Traditional Chinese medicine school seeks status in Canada

This story is worrisome. What are the criteria for university status? Science?

Canadian traditional Chinese medicine school seeks university status – Xinhua |

Following six years of preparations, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) school in the Canadian province of British Columbia has applied to local educational authorities to become the first institute in the country to offer a TCM curriculum at the university-degree level.

PCU College of Holistic Medicine in Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb city, is hoping that with approval, it can launch a five-year degree program in TCM this September. Currently, the college offers three-year diploma programs in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

This school is affiliated with the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in South China, and is also considering an affiliation with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, which is sending a delegation to Vancouver later this month, the article notes.

TCM is BIG BUSINESS. But it’s not science. The idea that they can obtain university status gives graduates a veneer of credibility that is not deserved. What would be the counter arguments to such a request? I’m not clear it CAN be countered to simply be accredited in the field. The practitioners lament that insurance does not cover these treatments (again the money angle) and many people want to TRY it because they do not value or understand the scientific issues surrounding it. The rejection of TCM must be in the popular arena to stop its spread.

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