TEDxWestHollywood loses TED affiliation because… well, the speakers are… (UPDATED)

…a bit fringe. TED has revoked their license for this event.

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It’s stocked with talks that are probably rather interesting but have no basis in reality.

Marianne Williamson
Love restores reason; Not the other way around
TALK: Humanity is trying to evolve beyond the mechanistic, Newtonian perspective of the 20th century–past data and metrics to a more relational, even spiritual worldview.

Larry Dossey
The Revolution in Consciousness: The Global Community is Now
TALK: For three centuries, the human mind has been equated with the physical brain. This means that consciousness is annihilated with the death of the brain and body. We now know, however, that consciousness can do things that brains cannot do: it can act outside the confines of the here and now.

Daphne Rose Kingma
The Shrinking Emotional Body and the Restorative Power of Love
TALK: What distinguishes human beings from trees and stones is that we are emotional beings. Unlike granite and elm trees, we are taken apart by our woes and exalted by our victories. We weep and rejoice, remember what has affected us and try to forget some of it. But, in this age of instant cyber-everything, it would appear that the emotional body—the embodied threads of our feeling existence—is becoming marginalized.

Ok, lots of non-empirical stuff there

The whole event is what I would call “alternative”.

The event will go on as planned but without the “TED” label. Still, I wonder, what is TED looking to be? If it’s “reputable”, they still have a lot to clean up. But this is a start. After the last TED blowup, I realized I’m not against anyone being invited to speak. But, frankly, with such little support or even outright disdain for some of these ideas, I can’t consider them “worth sharing”. So, it’s great that the talks will go on but TED has discovered the problems with outside groups controlling their brand.

UPDATED (31-Mar-2013) TED has revealed why they revoked their support of this event.

…And when we look at your speaker line-up, we see several people who promote — as fact — theories that are well outside what most scientists would accept as credible.

via TED revokes license for TEDx West Hollywood conference.

They continue by saying that “more than 2000 TEDx events will take place in the year ahead. If your program is allowed to proceed, it will truly damage other TEDx organizers’ ability to recruit scientists and other speakers.” And there is a suggestion that not only are outsiders protesting these types of speakers but the TED and other TEDx communities as well.

The Digital Journal piece also notes that the speakers list from this event has been removed but I still see them here as of this update.

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  1. Pete Chapman
    March 30, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    I had a look at that Sheldrake thing a few weeks ago…it confirmed my misgivings about his work and added to that his lack of charm as a presenter of his own ideas. As evidence against him that “episode” works quite well but I don’t think that’s what the TED series is about or at the very least how it wants to be seen.

  2. Chris Howard
    March 31, 2013 at 2:43 AM

    I prefer RSA, especially RSA Animate: http://www.thersa.org

    Really cool stuff.

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