Six-year old abused for witchcraft in Nigeria

This story has allegations of witchcraft against a six year old child thanks to an unnamed “prophetess” in Nigeria.

Father ties, locks up six-year-old daughter for witchcraft | OSUN DEFENDER.

A 42-year-old father, Mr. Edet Etok-Akpan, is currently being quizzed at the headquarters of the Cross River State Police Command in Calabar for torturing his six-year-old daughter, Edidiong, as a result of a church prophetess’ pronouncement that the girl was a witch.

Edidiong was beaten by her father and locked up in a room with her hands, mouth and face bound for four days before she was rescued by neighbours.

It was learnt that Etok-Akpan started beating her on February 19 after an unidentified prophetess in their church told him that Edidiong was the witch responsible for the stagnancy in his life.

This is a harrowing story. The child would have died had she not been rescued within this short span of time. The parent will be charged with a felony (and hopefully the child will be put with proper caregivers) but what about the woman who convinced the parents to abuse their child? The innocent pay for the crimes of the gullible.

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  1. March 10, 2013 at 3:33 AM

    These sort of stories are very distressing to read about and luckily in this one the child was saved. Perhaps, as time goes on, education will prevail. All the people involved are victims of their own lives – like the rest of us. See

  2. RDW
    March 10, 2013 at 3:58 PM

    Very disturbing. I hope the poor child can recover emotionally.

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