Self-described Messiah connected to suicide of young follower

Metro Detroit family blames fringe religion for Redford woman’s suicide | The Detroit News |

Kelly Pingilley was trying to make sense of the voices in her head when she went looking for answers on the Internet.

She stumbled upon a website promoting a religion that believes in UFOs, vampires, conspiracy theories and doomsday prophecies.

Pingilley was drawn to the writings of time travel and people’s thoughts being controlled by cell phone towers, friends said. With the teachings feeding into her delusions, Pingilley’s behavior grew increasingly erratic.

In December, she wrote in a personal blog that the world was about to end in a lurid outburst of cannibalism, bestiality and the moon dripping blood. One week later she killed herself. She was 22.

The family believes that Sherry Shriner, the woman behind the website of this fringe religion, filled Kelly’s head with thoughts that attributed to her suicide. Cult expert Rick Ross notes in the piece that the combination of mental instability and “a destructive cult” can be dangerous. But who is ultimately to blame. It is the circumstances that all lined up. Not all followers of Shriner go out and kill themselves. But the ideas put out there by such groups are horrible. But this gets worse…

Shriner was friends with Kelly who helped on her website. She disavows any responsibility. Also her family did not say they sought help for Kelly either. Shriner does not believe Pingilley killed herself. “She said the death was made to look like a suicide by the people who really killed her — a NATO hit squad.”

Yeah, this is destructive stuff, alright.

What’s the harm in fringe beliefs? They may take you down a dark dark path when it presents itself.

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  1. RDW
    March 12, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    So sad. That poor sweet-heart just needed some very strong medication and someone with good sense near her, to explain the real nature of things, and she’d have probably been alright.

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