Rose Marks, psychic: Being with client all the time was taxing (UPDATED)

The Marks case continues to twist and turn. This piece exposes how the government may have bungled the case against her but that she faces consequences for a misstep as well.

Rose Marks, Fortuneteller Accused of $25 Million Fraud, Now Targeted by IRS – Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach – News – The Daily Pulp.

The matriarch of a Fort Lauderdale family of fortunetellers, Marks schemed $25 million from a best-selling romance novelist and other victims, or so say federal prosecutors. The psychic herself has been proclaiming innocence since she was first indicted along with ten members of her family in 2011.

But when Marks voiced her side of the story to the Sun Sentinel late last December, prosecutors were apparently pissed off.

In retaliation, they’ve unleashed the IRS on the psychic — a surprise move in a situation in which the feds have been accused of going too far already.

We’ve covered the Rosa Marks and all the other Marks’ trials and tribulations quite extensively here. So, the last story we covered back in December was Rosa Marks’ appeal of innocence in the Sun Sentinel. She claimed she provided a service to her client. A very personal one, she was more like a life coach. Therefore, it was not fraud. This is an interesting point. If people wish to believe psychics can help them, they are free to spend their money that way. But apparently, the IRS stepped in to say, OK, if that was fairly gained, how come you didn’t pay taxes on it? Oh, snap.

This is complex case. The Marks family is in trouble all over the place with fraud charges. There is LITTLE doubt that they use their “psychic” thing to make some serious money. The trouble is, the law seems to have a difficult time catching up.

UPDATE (18-Mar-2013): Eight out of the nine charged Marks family members have pleaded guilty.

Just one member of a Fort Lauderdale family of fortune tellers accused of operating a $25 million fraud is still planning to go to trial.

Rose Marks, 61, the alleged ringleader of the fraud, is scheduled to go to trial April 1 on charges she defrauded bestselling novelist Jude Deveraux. The trial date may be delayed if federal prosecutors add income tax fraud charges against her, as they have suggested they may do.

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  1. March 13, 2013 at 2:43 PM

    Shades of Al Capone. She deserves to go to prison for something, and at this point I really don’t care how it’s accomplished.

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