Quackdown in India

Dangerous “healers” taking advantage of those that can’t afford modern medical treatment in India, get nabbed.

Health team nabs 36 quacks, faith healers – The Times of India.

Continuing their raid on quacks and faith healers, health officials nabbed as many as 36 persons here on Sunday. The officials said a self-proclaimed doctor in Shervani nagar area of Sitapur Road had more medicines than food items in his kitchen.

The quack was identified as M K Singh who fled from the spot when he saw the team arriving. His neighbours told the health team that Singh retired as a sweeper from a central public sector undertaking.

A class VIII pass woman was running the show along with the manager cum doctor at the Sanjeevani hospital where a pregnant woman was admitted for labour inside an old, abandoned asbestos factory. Chief medical officer, Dr SNS Yadav constituted nine teams which went looking for quacks in different areas.

Dr Yadav said, “These so-called doctors are playing with the health of the rural people. The quacks not only fleece them, they spoil their medical condition. In many cases, the quacks are to be blamed for the death of patients.”

Government officials have intervened to prevent these people from being charged. Hmm.

This may be the only form of care some of these poverty stricken people have access to. The “doctors” were illiterate and often make conditions worse, the article claims.

What I found interesting in this piece is the constant use of the word “quack”. Amusing. This is now an international term and they aren’t afraid to use it. However, in the US and UK, it seems a bit more problematic considering the possible allegations of libel.