Mystery noise identified as jetty repairs in north Kent

A mystery noise in Essex, U.K. concerned residents last night but it was rather quickly idenfied.

Video: Mystery ‘banging noise’ from jetty repairs echoes across north Kent (From News Shopper).

A MYSTERY ‘metallic banging noise’ which echoed across north Kent last night was caused by emergency repairs to a jetty in Essex.

Reports say the noise, which became noticeable shortly after 8pm and continued for around an hour, could be heard as far east as Greenhithe and as far west as Crayford.

Dartford Council’s environmental health team confirmed they received 40 calls from confused residents enquiring as to what the unknown sound was.

Others called Kent Police, concerned about where the mystery noise was coming from.

The source here confirmed that the sound was from repairs at a cargo jetty in Purfleet. A Port of London Authority spokesman confirmed that. The noise included loud pile driving which was likely the sound heard and corresponds to the time of reports. As noted with other reports of mystery noises, the world is a noisy industrious place. It’s often hard to pin-point what caused a particular sound. Environmental conditions can also distort or amplify the noises.

  1 comment for “Mystery noise identified as jetty repairs in north Kent

  1. Carl W. Johansen
    March 20, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    And on it goes. “Mystery sounds”, “mystery booms”… Things that emanate from a gazillion different sources, sources that have been around for ages as well. But O, the wonders of the internet. Now we got a world-encompassing doomsday phenomenon thanks to YouTube, ridiculous conspiracy fear-mongering websites and a torrent of hoaxers fuelling the fire.

    I’m glad this one was resolved quickly, but unfortunately people will soon forget, as they forgot about all the others that have been explained (and explained as originating from vastly different sources) and all the hoaxes that have been exposed. Regardless of what the facts say, regardless of experience and regardless of what common sense tells you, it’ll continue to be labelled as one condensed and highly mysterious “phenomenon”. Why, whyyyyy?

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