Mass death of prawns create pink tide in Chile

All you can eat shrimp, or not. Check out the rather striking video.

Thousands Of Dead Prawns Washed Up In Chile.

Thousands of dead prawns have washed up on Chile’s coastline leaving authorities confused about what could have killed them.

The chief investigator said police were compiling as much evidence as possible to determine what killed the vast number of crustaceans off Concepcion province.

“What we are doing today is compiling the most evidence possible to determine if we are facing some kind of environmental crime,” a spokesman said.

This is dramatic. There are other species washed in with the orange-pink tide of large shrimp. A release of pollution or even just a natural occurrence of an inhospitable environmental condition (such as low oxygen), could be the cause. It is being investigated.

The article notes other mass animal deaths in South America. But there is no reason to link these together for a cause which may be completely independent from each other. Any time there is a dramatic mass animal death, people do become concerned it could mean the health of the ocean is in peril or that whatever killed the animals may affect humans too.

Some fishermen blame the local electrical plants for heating the water through their discharges. Chile Investigate Massive Prawn Death – ABC News.

  2 comments for “Mass death of prawns create pink tide in Chile

  1. oldebabe
    March 21, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Same response as I made to the Feb 24 item re: wash-up in Peru. Now along Chile coastline? What do the earth scientists say? Upwelling of gases? Crustal deformations? Other incidents? It seems that there is always an earthquake or something going on along that very active plate boundary…

  2. Peebs
    March 21, 2013 at 6:39 PM

    The fact they’re pink should provide clues. They turn that colour when exposed to heat.

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