Malawi traditional healer goes to prison for burn injuries to babies

Disturbing story about causing serious burns on babies to heal them of witchcraft.

Traditional healer gets 8 yrs IHL for causing bodily injury to babies in witchcraft ritual | Malawi News.

Thyolo Second Grade Magistrate, Lameck Mkwapatira has sentenced a traditional healer to eight (8) years imprisoned with hard labour for grievously wounding two 10-month-old babies on their buttocks when he alleged to have been cleansing them from witchcraft.

Mkwapatira convicted and sentenced Frank Josamu, 35, who was arrested on February 21 for wounding the children in witchcraft cleansing which ended in the babies sustaining second degree burns that covered 18 percent of their total body surface area which includes the entire bums.

The injuries will likely cause permanent scarring. The guilty party said that people demanded these services of him. In the cleansing, the traditional healer brought 10 children between 10 months and 4 years of age to be exorcized by “steaming their buttocks”.

Simply horrifying. There are no additional details about what would cause parents or guardians to think there was a need to subject children to torture.

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  1. RDW
    March 14, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    Sick. Aside from the pain, it could have easily caused an infection that resulted in death. Severe emotional trauma like that at such an early age would almost surely have a bad effect for the rest of those children’s lives.

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