Anti-vaxers to gather in Vancouver (UPDATE)

This is truly an anti-science, anti-reason, incredibly dangerous website. They are planning a summit on vaccine resistance.

Vaccine Resistance Movement.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement is hosting ‘Vaccine Summit: Vancouver 2013′, a full-day, interactive symposium on vaccines, to take place March 12th at SFU’s downtown campus. Veteran researchers, front-line workers, nutritional experts & parents will be joining us on stage, and via satellite from around the world. This is your chance to finally stand up as a community, and make your voices heard.

Self-determination of the body is an inalienable right, and yet we, as families, are facing increasingly intense pressure from the Vaccine lobby & big Government to comply with vaccine mandates, pressured, from all sides, into submitting to herd immunity-type policies. Are we any healthier today than our ancestors because of it? Does does the science really add up?

The answers to these questions is a resounding “YES!”

I hesitated to call attention to it but people need to know it’s out there. I’m curious how many will support such a cause when the anti-vax movement seems to have already reached its peak.

UPDATE: (5-Mar-2013) The Center for Inquiry Canada has sent a letter to the President of Simon Fraser University expressing their disappointment at their hosting of this event.

We are deeply disappointed to see Simon Fraser University (SFU) lend its credibility to dangerous anti-vaccination propaganda by renting space to the upcoming “Vaccine Summit: Vancouver 2013” at SFU Harbour Centre.

University campuses are, and should be, venues for the free exchange of ideas. We recognize that one of your vital duties is to be a place where controversial ideas are allowed a fair hearing; but a university also has a duty to educate the public.

The “Vaccine Summit” is billed as a “transparent discussion about vaccines”. It actually promises to be nothing more than a platform for discredited scare-mongering about vaccination.

The signers called on the University to declare they do not support the anti-vax agenda.

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  1. One Eyed Jack
    March 2, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    I offer to buy a plane ticket to anyone infected with measles, chicken pox, the flu, or pertussis so they may attend this “summit”. All you need do is mingle with the crowd, shake as many hands as possible, and cough frequently.

    Vancouver is a nice city. Think about it.

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