What exactly is Burzynski charging patients for?

The doctor is still in.

Controversial Cure: Doctor defends cancer treatment.

After years of resistance, the FDA has finally approved clinical trials for Burzynski’s pill therapy, which is designed to replace the amino acids that he says are often missing in the blood cells of cancer patients. And parents like Glenn Hash say the treatment worked for his son Roy’s neuroblastoma.

Phase two testing of Dr. Burzynski’s treatments are now wrapping up, both in Houston and overseas in China and Japan. He says he is eager to get through the next phase.

While Burzynski enjoys some support in the medical community, by and large, he says he’s been ostracized by a multi-billion dollar medical industry married to traditional, and even more expensive forms of cancer treatment. “My case is possibly the worst persecution of medical doctors in modern history,” said Burzynski.

But Dr. Burzynski is confident that once he gets the funding for the final phase of clinical trials, he will get FDA okay for his cancer medications, allowing hundreds of patients worldwide to pay for such treatments with their insurance money.

But, hang on, this is the curious part…

There is a quote from Dr. Jane Gertler, who is skeptical of Burzynski’s treatments but who says she has participated in dozens of clinical trials. She’s not the only one who thinks Burzynski is not taking the proper route for these treatment trials. He hasn’t delivered results. She says it’s unethical for him to profit from treatments that are still being tested and that patients going through clinical trials never have to pay for their treatments.

Burzynski said, “We never charged patients in clinical trials.”

Then what are those fees for? Apparently they NOT part of the trial. What does the FDA trials approval even mean for the Burzynski clinic? Just what is going on here? It sounds EXTREMELY dubious. If you are going to ask top dollar for this treatment, shouldn’t you be more transparent than this?

Clarification needed. Eyebrow raised.

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  2 comments for “What exactly is Burzynski charging patients for?

  1. February 5, 2013 at 1:07 PM

    He’s just lying. He charges people out the wazoo.

    He seems to think that getting FDA approval somehow validates the treatment, but it’s only investigational and he’s not allowed to make claims of efficacy. He seems to think that unproved is something to brag about. I was annoyed. Am talking to the reporter.

  2. Adam
    February 6, 2013 at 6:16 AM

    That’s a pretty muddled article. If he’s not charging people, then why are so many raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for his treatment? Why do so many report the enormous fees that the treatment cost that their insurance would not cover? If 20% of his patients survive more than 5 years, how does that compare to other forms of treatment? Where is the comparative data to back up this claim? Why is it that someone who has spent 20 years performing phase II trials has so little evidence to show for it? What happened to his phase III trial?

    Next time they have a news report this doctor, perhaps they should ask him some of these questions and not settle for excuses.

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