Two young Zambian men suspected dead from witchcraft

Old fashioned spell casting? Coincidence? Or fear?

Two youths die of suspected witchcraft.

Two youths both of Makalanguzu village in Kazungula district have died from suspected witchcraft while others are now living in fear after they swindled an unknown business woman who went to buy goods from Botswana.

Patrick Machai and the other who has only been identified as Levy both aged between 22 and 30 died mysteriously recently after complaining of lower abdominal pains.

The sources said the woman in question had engaged the late Patrick Machai to be helping her carry her merchandise and take to customs offices for clearing whenever she could come from Botswana for shopping.

Sources said it was at that point that the woman started complaining and undressed in front of the people who carried her goods.

She then told them that they will die one by one and that the last person in the group would get mad.

A few options here, they really did get sick and blamed it on the woman (something they ate?), they believed that the curse could kill them and there are other bits of this story we don’t know. Or, she really jinxed them. The last one is unlikely but remember we are just getting this from the newspaper. So, it’s more of a cultural story than factually accurate.

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  1. February 28, 2013 at 7:19 AM

    “Mr Matunga who is Patriotic Front (PF) District Party Secretary said he was saddened to hear the incidence and said stealing is never a good thing as it can lead to such situations”

    Stealing goods can lead to witchcraft?! Why not investigate the real reason the two men died? Sypsis? Food born illness? Genetic disorder that went untreated? Under-education about disease and health is what causes this stuff to happen.

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