Meadowood monkey reported

Residents and a conservation officer were trying to track down a “vicious” monkey on the loose Monday in Meadowood, British Columbia.

Parksville Qualicum News – ‘Vicious’ monkey on the loose in Meadowood.

Update from Ministry of Environment, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 10:15 a.m.: “Early Sunday afternoon, COS and RCMP responded to a complaint of monkey at large in a rural neighbourhood just north of Qualicum Beach. Complainant reported seeing a 2.5′ high monkey in his driveway which then ran off. Complainant’s description of the animal and his demeanor was credible enough to warrant response to the site.

Officers searched the area and canvassed the neighbourhood to determine if any monkey was known to be possessed in the area. No animal was found and no information obtained.

Described as “grey, red-faced, three-feet-high”, no monkeys were reported missing in the area. Immediately, people called it a baby Sasquatch. Of course. But the report is currently unsubstantiated.