Frozen beach balls

Strange and strangely beautiful.

Ice boulder photos on Lake Michigan go viral

Leda Olmstead came across dozens of ice boulders during her daily walk Thursday afternoon. The giant formations were scattered across a 100 foot section of the beach and were too heavy for her to pick up.

Olmstead posted the photos of the ice boulders on Facebook and the images quickly went viral, with hundreds of shares, likes, and comments. ABC News even called the WZZM 13 Information Center Friday afternoon looking to use the images in a newscast.

WZZM Chief Meteorologist George Lessens says the ice boulders likely started as small balls of ice in the lake, which grew in layers– the way hail or snow balls form. Strong wind and waves likely caused the giant ice balls to wash ashore.

Photo: Leda Olmstead

Photo: Leda Olmstead

These are not all that rare but curious. Here is another situation where they occurred in Sweden in 2010  Mysterious giant ice balls discovered on Swedish coastline – The Local.

They were also previously seen in Lake Michigan so this does occur with some regularity. It’s just a bit weird for the rest of us.

More here: Facebook photos surface of giant ice boulders along Sleeping Bear Dunes |

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  1. February 27, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    I had a similar personal experience while shoveling after the recent blizzard.

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