Denver DA arrests two psychics for fraud, going for hattrick

Psychic parlor tricks and curses.

2 Psychics Arrested, 3rd Sought « CBS Denver.

One Denver psychic has been convicted of theft, a second was arrested this month in California and Denver prosecutors are still seeking to arrest a third psychic accused of convincing clients she was a “witch doctor.”

“In these cases, where after they’ve paid money for services rendered, they take additional money, I believe through theft and deception, through magic and things like that and then don’t give money back to the victims … that’s when we get involved,” said Stevenson.

Denver psychic Cathy Ann Russo is currently on probation after being pleading guilty last August to felony theft and misdemeanor theft. Over the course of five years, beginning in 2007, Russo conned a Hispanic man out of $35,250. according to court records.

She is still acting as a psychic, although when a CBS4 producer went to see her for a tarot card reading, she identified herself as “Miss Anna.”

Earlier this month, authorities in California arrested Denver psychic Isabel Costello on an arrest warrant for theft and conspiracy to commit theft issued by the Denver DA’s office.

They say the two women conned at least four victims out of thousands of dollars by convincing them their money was cursed, and the more money turned over to the psychics, the easier it would be to remove the curses.

In order to convince clients of their “powers”, they did things like making grapefruits bleed, tomatoes taste like salt and cracking eggs open revealing black yolks. Anyone have info on how these tricks worked?

The psychics took advantage of clients’ belief in black magic and curses.

When will ALL psychics who take money be able to be charged with fraud?


  1 comment for “Denver DA arrests two psychics for fraud, going for hattrick

  1. Chris Howard
    February 22, 2013 at 11:40 AM

    “When will ALL psychics who take money be able to be charged with fraud?”

    Probably around the same time that they realize that religion/spirituality/superstition is different only in its longevity, which has given it a false pedigree with the passage of time.

    Religions make the same claims, perpetrate similar hoaxes, use similar psychological devices, and many demand 10% or more of a followers annual income.

    The only difference between an NRM, and an established supernatural based religion is hundreds, to thousands, of years of tradition, which the general public has been enculturated into accepting as normal, and ethical, by default.

    This allows established faiths to get away with the same shenanigans that the NRM’s are disparaged for.

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