Creationism in Texas: Here we go again…again

Creationists just keep going and going and going…

Told You So: Texas Ed Board Chair Wants Science Textbooks to Teach ‘Another Side’ on Evolution

We told you this would happen.

In 2009, when the Texas State Board of Education adopted new science curriculum standards, we warned that creationists had inserted language they would later try to exploit to pressure publishers into including junk-science arguments against evolution in new textbooks. Barbara Cargill, the Republican state board chair from The Woodlands near Houston, showed last Thursday that we were right. Speaking at a Senate Education Committee hearing in Austin about CSCOPE, a curriculum management tool developed by Education Service Centers around the state and used by many school districts, Cargill said she thinks CSCOPE doesn’t conform to the science standards because it doesn’t teach “all sides” about evolution:

[…]You might recall that Cargill and other creationists in 2009 wanted the new science standards to require that students learn about “weaknesses” of evolution. When they couldn’t get that requirement, they settled on  requiring students to examine “all sides of scientific evidence.” Because creationists have repeatedly distorted the scientific evidence, we have been warning that they would insist that textbooks and other instructional materials include creationist arguments against evolution, which scientists debunked long ago.

Good grief! Has trying to force intelligent design into science classes become a national pastime for creationists down in Texas? There is no scientific “controversy” regarding the evolution. There aren’t multiple sides to evolution, either. It has one side that is comprised of facts and scientific evidence.

I highly recommend anyone interested in this topic to check out the fantastic PBS documentary, The Revisionaries . The documentary chronicles the Texas School Board’s 2009 adoption of the new science standards as referenced in the above article. You can watch it for free online until the 27th of this month.

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  1. One Eyed Jack
    February 11, 2013 at 5:27 AM

    It’s time we deal with this and put an end to it. All public schools need a mandatory Comparative Religions class. A class that surveys all religions, teaching the “weaknesses” of each one. This God question is far from resolved. Teach the controversy.

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