What is responsible for attacks on dogs in Missouri?

Two dogs killed and several were seriously injured in slashing attacks in Missouri.

Mysterious Dog Attacks In Neosho.

So far, neighbors living on Mint Lane have been able to confirm 8 brutal dog attacks, caused by something living in the wilderness behind their homes.

Some residents were so concerned, they hired professional trackers to find out what was doing the killing.

“Thought it was a mountain lion because of the depth of the tracks and so forth,” says [Reta] Liles.

“He hadn’t been dead very long when I found him. I think he just layed there and bled to death. It broke my heart. I cried all night,” says Liles.

The mysterious animal has not yet been seen and Liles says she is concerned it may turn from attacking dogs to humans.

Apparently this has been going on since late November. The game officials are hoping a camera will help to identify what is attacking the animals.

This article provides more information that Liles found tracks near her dead pet. This piece describes that her small dog may have been saved by the larger dog who fought whatever it was and paid with his life. Officials speculate that it may have been a coyote. But, there actually HAVE been confirmed mountain lion sightings in Missouri. Some not too far from Neosho, which is in Newton county.

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  1. January 16, 2013 at 5:25 AM

    Based on the confirmed sightings map posted, it doesn’t seem too big of a stretch to think the mountain lion migrated two counties west. At the same time, the tracker’s educated guess that it was a coyote based on the claw marks shouldn’t be discounted.

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