Skeptical activism project gears up to collect for children’s hospital

Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients aims to make a big donation in the name of infamous cancer clinic doctor Stanislaw Burzynski.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Burzynski!

In honor of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s 70th birthday on January 23rd, 2013, the Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients are fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 by Burzynski’s birthday, the approximate cost of entering one of his clinical trials of antineoplaston therapy. On his birthday, we will deliver a present to the Clinic, a challenge to Dr. Burzynski to match the total sum donated by skeptics, science advocates, and others who value research into devastating forms of childhood cancer.

Do you know of Burzynski and his clinic? A quick summary:

The Burzynski Clinic is a clinic in Texas, United States founded in 1976 and offering controversial cancer treatment. The clinic is best known for its antineoplaston therapy, a controversial pharmacological treatment using compounds it calls antineoplastons, devised by the clinic’s founder Stanislaw Burzynski in the 1970s.

The clinic has been the focus of much criticism due to the way its unproven antineoplaston therapy is promoted, the costs of participating in trials, significant problems with the way clinical trials of antineoplastons are run, legal cases brought as a result of the sale of the therapy without board approval, and for other causes.

There is a scientific consensus that antineoplaston therapy is unproven and of little promise in treating cancer. Clinical trials initiated in 1993 and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute were closed due to inability to recruit qualifying patients, and a Mayo Clinic study found no benefit from antineoplaston treatment. Some sixty phase 2 clinical trials and one Phase 3 trial have been registered by Burzynski since the mid-1990s, but no results have been published. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has stated: “Bottom Line: There is no clear evidence to support the anticancer effects of antineoplastons in humans.”

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If you think that verifiable treatment for cancer is a worthwhile cause to support and to make a point to the Burzynski folks that his form of “treatment” is NOT acceptable, please visit


and donate to St. Jude, a fantastic organization that does not turn away patients who cannot pay. I did.