Ramtha followers win the lottery, credit remote viewing

Press releases can just make my day. This one is propaganda for J.Z. Knight’s Ramtha School of Enlightment. Win the LOTTERY!

Lucky Days for The Enlightened — YELM, Wash., Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —.

A remarkable run of Washington’s Lottery winners, all from the Yelm area, have cashed winning tickets of $10,000 or more during the past two years. The lottery champions gave credit to the Ramtha School teachings, claiming their winning numbers came to them after careful studying and discipline.

The Ramtha School of Enlightenment teaches students to capitalize on their natural mental abilities. According to Ramtha’s disciplines, we have direct control over how our lives play out. These lucky students attribute their winnings entirely to the techniques they mastered at RSE.

Most students won by predicting the numbers in the “Match 4” game. The students credit their training at the Ramtha School that taught them stillness and a present focus that caused the numbers to appear in their minds.

The frequency of these winnings demonstrate these occurrences may have more do to with skill than luck.

The winners credit remote viewing for allowing them to see the numbers in the pick 4 game. Why not the lotto? Why not more frequently? Why not be tested? Because this is an advertisement for Ramtha’s school. Don’t know of it? Oh, you won’t believe this

Ramtha is a 35,000 year-old spirit-warrior who appeared in JZ Knight’s kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, in 1977. Knight claims that she is Ramtha’s channel. She also owns the copyright to Ramtha and conducts sessions in which she pretends to go into a trance and speaks Hollywood’s version of Elizabethan English in a guttural, husky voice. According to Wikipedia, the “Z” stands for Zebra, and Knight was born Judith Darlene Hampton on March 16, 1946, in Roswell, New Mexico.

She has thousands of followers and has made millions of dollars performing as Ramtha at seminars ($1,000 a crack) and at her Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and from the sales of tapes, books, and accessories. She must have hypnotic powers. Searching for self-fulfillment, otherwise normal people obey her command to spend hours blindfolded in a cold, muddy, doorless maze. In the dark, they seek what Ramtha calls the ‘void at the center.’

OK…Now that that’s all settled.

Ramtha’s School of Quantum Flapdoodle

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  3 comments for “Ramtha followers win the lottery, credit remote viewing

  1. RDW
    January 19, 2013 at 3:30 AM

    If there is an actual statistical anomaly, what would make a lot more sense would be that someone involved with the lottery itself were selling information as to where winning tickets would end up being.

  2. Chew
    January 19, 2013 at 8:41 AM

    Remember this article the next time you hear a psychic claim they are not allowed to use their gift for financial gain.

  3. WendyP
    January 27, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    Here’s my shocking discovery from Washington’s Lottery:
    As of today, Jan 28, 2013: Match 4 Winners 549,229 winners, $7 million in winnings!
    Total number of Match 4 winners and prizes won in the last 365 days.
    From the website, 577 pages of Match 4 winners in the last year.


    But there were ONLY FOUR Ramtha students who won a total of $40,000 in the last 365 days (Oct & Dec 2012 & Jan 2013). The other 549,225 winners who won $6,960,000 were NOT in Ramtha’s School.
    Perhaps NOT being in Ramtha’s School increases your chances of winning Lotto!
    Ramtha’s school’s ad is deceptive.

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