Mongolian Death Worm hunter Ivan Mackerle dies

Ivan Mackerle, Czech cryptozoologist and adventurer, who famously popularized the Mongolian Death Worm, has died at 71.

Cryptomundo » Ivan Mackerle: Death Worm Hunter Dies.


After a long serious illness the famous journalist and explorer Ivan Mackerle died on Thursday January 3, 2012 [sic, 2013]. He was a great representative of the old honest school of exploration, and he wrote many books, articles and papers and organized some projects. Last March he celebrated his 71 …birthday.

For many people he will always be an unforgettable person.



For over 30 years, he led expeditions to remote parts of the world seeking monsters.
Ivan Mackerle.

Operation Deathworm – Part 1 » Cryptoworld.

Artist’s depiction of Mongolian deathworm. National Geographic TV

The actual death worm, or Olgoi-Khorkhoi, was never found.

This episode of Skeptoid on the Mongolian Death Worm was in the works before Mackerle died. It’s excellent and mentions his work on popularizing the creature.
Olgoi-Khorkhoi: The Mongolian Death Worm.

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