Leftover Links for 16 January 2013

Happy hump day, I am so tired and the week is only half over… Here are your links that I had leftover and stuff…

There’s No Proof That Pubic Lice Are Going Extinct – Business Insider.

She sounds incredibly gullible. We can’t all be intellectuals, I guess. “What Distracts Me From My Reality Is Bigfoot”: Megan Fox’s 8 Weirdest New Esquire Quotes – | VH1 Celebrity.

Oh good, he caught Satan. That’s a relief.
Professed Satan catcher caught shoplifting from Athens store | Online Athens.

Something to worry about?
Erratic Bat Behavior Seen in Smokies – ABC News.

Not sure about this…
Fecal Treatment Gains Favor for Some Illnesses – NYTimes.com.

What isn’t a hoax these days?
Story of Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Is Revealed to Be a Hoax – NYTimes.com.


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