Leftover Links 9 January 2013

For your enjoyment… it’s like a bouquet of flowers I picked off the web.

A telling fortune to make on predictions – FT.com.

Yankton Press & Dakotan > Archives > Community > Mysterious Lights In Sky Are Reported In Yankton Area.

Police Stumped By Things Going Bump in the Night | Stuff.co.nz.

Does Lead Exposure Cause Violent Crime? The Science is Still Out : The Crux.

Polls like this are silly but reflect the feeling of the community. It says nothing about reality.
TiG Big Cat vote reveals thousands believe in monster felines | This is Gloucestershire.

“Armed Mafia Are Stalking Us”—Conspiracy Peddler Alex Jones Melts Down – The Daily Beast.

Wife says poisoned lottery winner had no enemies – Yahoo! News.

Medical Myths: When Urban Legends Kill – Yahoo! News.

Very pretty snow art
New Haven Green ‘crop circles’ not likely made by aliens, expert says- The New Haven Register – Serving New Haven, Connecticut.

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  1 comment for “Leftover Links 9 January 2013

  1. Bob
    January 10, 2013 at 12:02 AM

    Alex is not melting down. He’s a drama queen. He’s always being chased or spied on or something. You should watch the Jon Ronson video of Alex. His “sting” on Bohemian Grove is hilarious.

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