Leftover Links 10 January 2013

Something weird happened. I messed up on the scheduling. Oopsie. Oh well, here they are.

Trademark suit against creationists settled.

For $270,000, You Can Be the Owner of Bigfoot’s Grave.

Giant squid seen in the Northern Pacific.

Red Sky At Night As Storm Dumps Dust On Town.

Positive spin put on many drug trials despite results, study finds – The Globe and Mail.

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  1. Bobbi Snow
    January 11, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    Those of us with a chronic disease who have been monitoring “best new drug” touts for our disease for many years, already know that drug companies skew the research for a positive spin, hide studies that show detrimental outcomes for some patients, and know that many drug companies have doctors on their own payrolls for every kind of disease they’re researching. I was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1995, and have been critical of the new injections as well as some of the medications which came out a decade ago. We all have to become more diligent in our personal research. WE are the ones taking the drugs; therefore, WE have to be as sure as we can that the negative side affects, along with the negatives of any other drugs we’re taking, are worth the risk. READ all the dry information inside the prescription, and if the literature says “Don’t take with _______________” we need to learn what those clinical names are in the normal prescriptions! You really DO have to find out if any of your other prescription drugs fit into those categories! Also go on-line and look for comments from those who have had reactions. The FDA cannot catch all of the drug problems because they have been under-funded and lied to for many years.

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