Friday Funny: A sheepish grin

People thought it was aliens. (“It’s like crop circles but on sheep”) But it’s a hilarious and clever marketing gimmick. Not sure the farmers are amused.

Mystery: Exeter sheep branded with same smiley face that has been seen across the country | This is Exeter.

Sheep in a field near Exeter have been branded with the same smiley face that has been seen on animals across the country.

Hundreds of sheep from Devon to Scotland in areas including Leicestershire and Perthsire have been painted with the same pattern.

Following the twitter hashtag #creepysheep, you can see people having fun with this. The Daily Mail has a run down of the twitter comments.

Was it aliens?

No. It’s a marketing ploy. It’s a public relations stunt by Alton Towers resort to promote its new ride for 2013.