Florida Satanist rally part of a mockumentary film

We did not post this story when it first came out because it was completely religious in nature. But I did see it. It sounded humorous and somewhere (now I can’t find it) I remarked  that “Satanists” aren’t really a large contingent of people. Turns out… hoax. And quite a good one.

MSNBC’s Bashir Falls for Hoax, Reports Satanists to Rally for Rick Scott; Turns Out It’s Part of Mockumentary.

Among the journalists taken in by the fake story was MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, who could not wipe the devilish grin off his face as he reported what he thought to be a legitimate news story on his January 14 program, in a segment entitled “Dread Scott.”

“Yes, the Satanic Temple in Florida is organizing a rally next week to support Mr. Scott for signing a 2012 law that essentially would allow student-led prayer in school,” Bashir explained, adding that “We spoke to one of the Satanists today about why they support the law” and that the spokesman, one Lucien Greaves, explained “that the law would prevent the marginalization of Satanism and other smaller religious groups and lead to, quote, a boom in religious diversity.'”

Things certainly smelled fishy to Michael Van Sickler of the Miami Herald, who did some digging and found:

Greaves is listed as the casting director of a feature film called …wait for it…The Satanic Temple.

The casting call said the movie was a mockumentary about the “nicest Satanic Cult in the world.” It was seeking actors for eight speaking roles “to play minions” and 10 featured extras.

MSNBNC’s Martin Bashir is obviously not a fan of Rick Scott having compared him to former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu just a few days earlier, so this was just adding fuel to the fire.

But then again this is what makes a really good mockumentary. That no matter how outlandish the story is, people believe it. Great examples of this would be Peter Jackson’s “Forgotten Silver” and the classic “This is Spinal Tap“. The difference here is that this film isn’t finished filming yet.

  3 comments for “Florida Satanist rally part of a mockumentary film

  1. Ryuthrowsstuff
    January 21, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    The film makers might have been helped out by there own ignorance about Satanism. Modern Satanist groups can be loosely categorized as parody religions. And if you start poking around the history of the subject that’s largely the only way it ever existed. Deliberate provocation and protest of Christian political authority. So the statements from Greaves looks entirely like something you might see out of a legit Satanist group. Even pegging their movie as about “the nicest Satanic cult in the world” is a bit odd. Having met quite a few Satanists they’re almost always insanely nice and pleasantly goofy.

  2. One Eyed Jack
    January 22, 2013 at 10:58 AM


    Satanists don’t scare me, but Christians and Muslims send a chill up my spine.

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