Flash BOOM recorded in Salem, Mass

People are hearing booms all over the place. It’s not an unusual thing.


But the causes can be very different. They can be fireworks (it was a holiday season), electric transformers blowing, sonic booms, shallow earthquakes or meteor explosions.

This new boom, in Salem Massachusetts was caught on video.

You’re Not Crazy, Mystery Explosion Caught on Video [VIDEO] – Salem, MA Patch.

The latest report was in the early hours Saturday morning, when residents in Marblehead and Salem called 911 to report hearing what sounded like a firework or gunshot in their neck of the woods.

The video clearly shows an explosion which could be a meteor exploding, some kind of man made explosion like fireworks, munitions or electric transformer. But there is no report on what it actually was. This occurred on 1/5/13 1:30 AM. All is quiet. BOOM!

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  1. b
    January 9, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    That explosion was VERY close to his house. Using the 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand counting method one uses for fiiguring out how far away lightening is by counting how long it takes for thunder to catch up, and it’s about 1100 feet per (x thousand), this thing is about 2200 feet behind his house. He could use google maps, the angle of the flash, and find out exactly where this happened.

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